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Wine Menu


Mama D’s House Red Glass $6.99 / Bottle $20


Ruffino, Tuscany   Glass $9 / Bottle $30
Fruity and well balanced  with a pleasant bouquet.

Antinori Santa Cristina Chianti “Superior”, Tuscany Glass $12 / Bottle $39
A full-bodied, dry wine with hints of raspberry and anise.

Ruffino “Riserva Ducale” Tan, Classico, Tuscany  Bottle $70
Phenomenal wine with a velvety warm body and a complex finish.

Zonin, Tuscany Glass $9.5 / Bottle $31.5
Bursting with strawberry, red berries, and notes of sage

Castello D’ Albola, Classico, Tuscany Glass $13 / Bottle $42
Vibrant and medium bodied revealing lively cherry and exotic spice

Santa Margherita “Riserva,” Tuscany $55
Tannic, oak aged flavors, with a dry, warm, earthy finish

Cabernet Sauvignon

Beringer Founders, Napa Valley  Glass $10 / Bottle $28
Soft, silky and full-bodied with intense berry fruit flavor.

Robert Mondavi, California Glass $10 / Bottle $25
Ruby red with blackberry and chocolate flavors and an elegant finish.

Coppola “Claret”, Sonoma Glass $14 / Bottle $48
Soft and lush with enough structure and finesse to accompany good food.

Raymond “R” Collection, CA Glass $10.5 / Bottle $27.5
Plum and raspberry are highlighted with a touch of vanilla and cocoa

Hess, North Coast Glass $12 / Bottle $42
Flavors of red raspberry, black cherry follow with spicy notes of currants and a touch of vanilla

15Avalon, Napa Valley Glass $14 / Bottle $45
Layers of red cherries and blackberries, backed by vanilla and toasted oak

Pinot Noir

Mark West, California Glass $10 / Bottle $28
Subtle raspberry cherry flavors and aromas.

Beringer Founders, Napa Valley Glass $10 / Bottle $28
Soft, supple and full of cherry fruit flavors.

Rodney Strong,  Russian River Valley  Glass $13 / Bottle $42
Well balanced with flavors of pomegranate, cherry and spice.

Angeline, CA Glass $10.5 / Bottle $29.5
Palate is round and juicy with lively acidity, and a sweet, toasty oak finish

Aquinas, Napa Valley Glass $14 / Bottle $44
Remarkably round wine with bright raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry


Columbia Crest “Grand Estate”, Washington Glass $10 / Bottle $32
Rich, complex and elegant.

Blackstone, California Glass $10 / Bottle $35
Medium bodied, with complex layers of ripe cherry, warm spice, toffee and a touch of vanilla.

The Crusher, CA Glass $10.5 / Bottle $33.5
Supple textures and flavors of dried plum, red currant, and tangerine

Ryder Estate, Monterey Glass $10.5 / Bottle $36.5
Pure red fruit aromas with vibrant flavors of black cherry and raspberry and a soft-on-the palate feel

Other Red Wines

Graffigno Centenario Malbec, Argentina Glass $9 / Bottle $30
Concentrated ripe red fruits with subtle oak finish.

Ravenswood Zinfandel, California Glass $10 / Bottle $35
Aromas of spice and pepper with dark berry fruit flavor.

Jacob’s Creek “Reserve”, Shiraz, Australia Glass $10 / Bottle $35
Dark and rich, display’s elements of ripe blackberry and currants with hints of lavender smoke and vanilla.

Dona Paula Malbec, Argentina Glass $9.5 / Bottle $31.5
Great balance and freshness in the mouth, with good concentration and medium structure

Caricature Old Vine Zinfandel, CA Glass $10.5 / Bottle $36.5
Vibrant juicy berry fruit flavors and a hint of spice

Bogle Petite Sirah, CA Glass $10.5 / Bottle $36.5
Succulent and savory notes of dark berries and roasted spices


Mama D’s House White Glass $6.99 / Bottle $20


Da Luca Prosecco, Italy (187 ml, split) Glass $7
Refreshing citrus and peach flavors.

Mionette “Organic”, Brut Prosecco, Italy Glass $10 / Bottle $35
Lively and fresh, with flavors of golden apple and spice.

Pinot Grigio

Campanile, Italy Glass $10 / Bottle $35
Rich and floral scented, with apple flavors.

Coppola “Diamond”, Monterey Glass $11 / Bottle $35
Bright and crisp with concentrated flavors that linger.

Zonin, Fruili Aquileia, Italy Glass $10 / Bottle $34
Lightly dry yet extremely fresh. Pleasantly balanced with elegant structure

Terra D’ Oro, Santa Barbera Glass $11.5 / Bottle $38
Flavorful palate with ripe pear, orange blossom, and floral note


Oyster Bay, New Zealand Glass $9 / Bottle $30
Concentrated flavors of ripe citrus, stone fruit, and subtle oak.

Robert Mondavi, Central Coast Glass $9 / Bottle $25
Rich pear and apple flavors with hints of toasty oak.

Estancia, Monterey Glass $10 / Bottle $28
Rich, ripe and complex with a long lingering finish.

Benzinger, Sonoma County Glass $9 / Bottle $32
Lush pineapple, guava and peach flavors complimented by toasty oak and vanilla.

Franciscan Estate, Napa Valley Bottle $42
Opulent flavors of spiced pears, juicy pineapple and tangerine.

De Loach, California Glass $9.5 / Bottle $31
Tropical flavors of pineapple, papaya, and mango

Giesen, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand Glass $9.5 / Bottle $28.5
Lifted ripe fruit and a succulent, creamy yet vibrant texture with a touch of toasty sweet oak

Hess, Shirtail Creek, Monterey Glass $10.5 / Bottle $30.5
Crisp and clean, with bright balanced acidity, and a touch of lemon lime and apple

BR Cohn, North Coast Glass $10 / Bottle $35
Flavors of stone fruit, citrus, green apple, pear, and light notes of butter

Other White Wines

Beringer White Zinfandel, California Glass $7 / Bottle $22
Semi-dry, light bodied and fresh tasting.

Rosatello Moscato, Italy  Glass $8 / $28
Sweet flavors of juicy peaches and candied orange.

Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand  Glass $11 / Bottle $39
Light, crisp and refreshing with bright fruit flavors.

Babich “Black Label” Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand Glass $10.5 / Bottle $37
Citrus notes and flint, along with integrated fruit and layered texture

Voga Moscato, Italy $29.5
Soft, Sweet flavor, revealing hints of citrus and jasmine

Caposaldo Rose, Veneto, Italy Glass $7.5 / Bottle $23.5
Floral, fresh, and fruity, with a hint of cherries, berries, and currants


Draft Beer:  Check out the chalk board for seasonal craft beer selections.

Moretti, Moretti La Rossa, Stella, Heineken, Corona, Pacifico, Modelo

Blue Moon, Absolution Angels Demise IPA, Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Light, O’Doul’s

San Pellegrino Sparkling Water / $6.99
Panna Water / $6.99